HC Deb 09 April 1867 vol 186 cc1338-9

Sir, I placed on the Paper, without loss of time, certain Amendments which I proposed to move on the 3rd clause of the Parliamentary Representation Bill. But there is another Amendment which, though not on the clause, is so germane to it that I am desirous of giving notice of it for the convenience of the House. In the event of the adoption of the Amendment fixing the limit of the rateable valuable in Parliamentary boroughs, I shall propose a clause to provide that whenever the rateable value of any tenement falls below £5 by reason of the deduction of more than 20 per cent from the gross estimated rental the occupier thereof may claim to vote, and may thereupon, if otherwise qualified, be registered. The object of the clause is to provide for certain cases of great inequality of rating. I have stated merely the substance of the clause.