HC Deb 05 April 1867 vol 186 cc1171-2

House informed, that the Committee had determined,—

That the Honourable Charles White is duly elected a Knight of the Shire to serve in this present Parliament for the County of Tipperary.

And the said Determination was ordered to be entered in the Journals of this House.

House further informed, that the Committee had agreed to the following Resolutions:—

That no such case of general riot at the last Election for the County of Tipperary has been proved as would make the said Election altogether null and void.

That it was proved to the Committee that, previous to the last Election for the said County, divers of the Roman Catholic Clergy exercised their influence upon their congregations in a manner calculated to prejudice the free choice of the Electors, but that such conduct on their part did not in the opinion of the Committee amount to the offence of undue influence as defined by law.

That serious disturbances took place at the last Election for the said County, at the polling places and in other localities, which materially interfered with the Electors tendering their votes.

That the Committee have no reason to believe that corrupt practices have extensively prevailed at the last Election for the said County.

Report to lie upon the Table.

Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee to be laid before this House.—(Sir Philip Egerton.)