HC Deb 29 May 1866 vol 183 cc1437-8

said, he would beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether, in the event of the Redistribution of Seats Bill becoming Law, he would make the constituency of Abingdon the principal town of the proposed new Electoral Boroughs, considering that Abingdon is the central town of the proposed group, the county town of Berkshire, and possessing a Borough-proper population more than double that of the Borough-proper populations of either of the two Boroughs included in the same group?


, in reply, said the hon. and gallant Gentleman proceeded upon the supposition that when the Re-distribution of Seats Bill became law it would be for the Government to arrange the terms on which the towns would be grouped together. He did not think that would be the case. The provisions of the Bill would fix what places should be grouped, and also, he apprehended, the principal town in the group. It was fair to discuss whether Abingdon should or should not be the principal town in its group, but it would be hardly fair without knowing what could he said in behalf of the other boroughs concerned to dispose of the matter by a question and answer. The same course might be pursued with reference to other groups if it were permitted in reference to the Abingdon group.


said, that Abingdon had been inserted in the principal place in Schedule A; and that had induced him to put the Question.