HC Deb 29 May 1866 vol 183 c1441

said, with reference to a statement which appeared in a public newspaper on Saturday, the 26th instant —Church Times —that on the paying off of Her Majesty's ship Black Prince last week, the communicants amongst the crew presented to Their Chaplain, the Rev. H. Marshall Jackson, a chasuble of white silk, with white and gold orphreys, accompanied by a written address expressing deep thankfulness to their Lord and Saviour for giving His Flesh and Blood in that Eucharistic Sacrifice, for the more worthy celebration of which the Church has appointed special vestments to be used; and also respect and affection for the priest through whose teachings they had been led to embrace the Catholic faith. He wished to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty, Whether this statement is correct; and also, whether Chaplains in the Navy are permitted to use such vestments and to teach such doctrines as are therein described?


Sir, no information of any present having been given to Mr. Jackson has been received at the Admiralty. Lord Frederick Kerr, who was captain of the Black Prince, had never heard of the alleged present until I showed him the Notice given by the hon. Member. He informed me that Mr. Jackson was most attentive in the performance of his duties, that he used no remarkable vestments, and that his sermons were not controversial.