HC Deb 11 May 1866 vol 183 cc768-9

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for War, Whether the 20th Regiment (2nd Battalion) has been ordered, or whether it is the intention of the Government to order it, from Japan, where it is at present stationed, to Hong Kong, to occupy the quarters vacated by Her Majesty's 11th Regiment, in which great mortality had lately occurred, or whether it is the intention of Her Majesty's Government to send Native Troops to that station?


said, in reply, that the 2nd Battalion of the 20th Regiment had received orders to proceed from Japan to Hong Kong, to relieve the regiment at present stationed there; but it would not be necessary that they should occupy the quarters vacated by the 11th Regiment, which had proceeded to the Cape. In March last orders were sent by telegraph to Ceylon to send four companies of Native Troops to Hong Kong as a temporary measure.


said, he would beg to ask the noble Lord, whether the order was accompanied by unlimited authority to General Guy not to act on economical principles, but to spare no expense in securing the health of the Battalion, and whether he is authorized to employ native watchmen, so as to allow the proper relief from duty?


replied that orders were sent that the duties at Hong Kong should be diminished by the employment of native police or watchmen, and that under no circumstances were the troops to be kept too long on duty. With the barrack accommodation, and with the authority given to General Guy to hire proper quarters, there was every reason to believe that ample provision had been made.