HC Deb 11 May 1866 vol 183 c766

MINUTES.—SELECT COMMITTEE—On Edinburgh Annuity Tax Abolition Act (1860) and Canon-gate Annuity Tax Act, nominated; on Writs Registration (Scotland) nominated.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee —ARMY; ESTIMATES—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES (Class VI. and Class VII.)—Resolutions [May 10] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—First Reading —Sale of Land by Auction * [H. L.] [155]; Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) * [H.L.] [156].

Second Reading—Life Insurances (Ireland) * [141]; Solicitor to the Treasury [152].

Committee—Fishery Piers and Harbours (Ireland) * [R.P.] [93]; Lunacy Acts (Scotland) Amendment (re-comm.) [127].

Report—Lunacy Acts (Scotland) Amendment (re-comm) [127],

Considered as amended —Landed Property Improvement (Ireland) * [118]; Hop Trade [128].

Third Reading—Drainage Maintenance (Ireland) * [95]; Burials in Burghs (Scotland) [132], and passed.