HC Deb 15 March 1866 vol 182 cc286-7

said, he fished to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, If he will state what Orders Her Majesty's Government intend to issue regarding the movement of Hides and Skins?


said, in reply, that the contemplated Orders, as far as he was then enabled to state them, were that hides and skins imported from foreign parts, India, Australia, and South Africa, for manufacturing purposes, should be allowed to be moved without restriction; that no hide or skin of any animal that had died from, or been slaughtered on account of, the cattle plague should be moved at all; that no hide or skin of any animal that had been in the immediate neighbourhood of any animal affected with the cattle plague should be moved, unless it was first thoroughly disinfected, and a certificate had been obtained from the local authorities of the district; that no local authorities should be empowered to give any other orders with respect to the movement of hides and skins; but it would be in the power of the Privy Council to make further Orders on the subject if it thought them necessary.