HC Deb 19 June 1866 vol 184 cc648-9

Sir, in consequence of the vote of the House at an early hour this morning. the Cabinet assembled to-day. They took into their consideration the nature of that vote, and the condition in which it leaves the 5th clause of the Reform Bill. They likewise took into their consideration the nature of the debate by which that vote was preceded, and I may add the character of the divisions and discussions which had marked the previous history of the Bill. The result was that they found it their duty to make a communication to Her Majesty; but, under present circumstances, the House will be aware that such communications cannot be conducted without the lapse of some little time. I do not think we could be in a condition to state the result of that communication to the House in less than three or four days, at the very least; and consequently, I shall propose a Motion which I hope will meet the approval of hon. Members—"That this House, at its rising, do adjourn to Monday next." The usual Motion will be made that Committees have leave to sit notwithstanding the adjournment of the House; and I shall also propose that the Orders of the Day be read, with a view to their postponement. With regard to the Notices of Motion appearing on the paper, for to-day, I can only trust that in the state of abeyance in which the functions of the executive Government are placed until the time I have named, Gentlemen will be good enough not to persevere with those Motions. I think that is all that it is necessary for me to state to the House. And though on former occasions it has been practicable to proceed with greater rapidity, I trust the House will perceive that the Motion which I make is justified by the circumstances.

Motion agreed to.

House at rising to adjourn till Monday next.

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