HC Deb 12 June 1866 vol 184 cc237-8

said, it appeared that after the recent fire in Westmoreland Street, Dublin, broke out five persons appeared at the windows; that two fire-escapes, supported out of the public funds of the city, were sent for; that they were utterly and completely broke down; that no other steps were taken to rescue these unfortunate persons. It also appeared that the supply of water was inadequate, that the fire-engines were badly managed, and that the steam fire-engine was so badly worked that it was useless. He, therefore, wished to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether it is the intention of the Government to institute a rigid inquiry into the causes of the late lamentable loss of life by fire in Dublin, and into the conduct of the Fire Brigade and the condition of the Escape Ladders?


said, he would also beg to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether he had received from the Lord Mayor and Corporation of Dublin a requisition that a most searching inquiry into this lamentable event may be instituted?


said, he rose to order. When on a former occasion he wished to ask a question just as a Member of the Government was rising to reply to another question he was not allowed to do so.


said, that when a question was asked and a Member of the Government rose to reply, it was proper that he should be allowed to do so at once; and that hon. Members should reserve further questions till that reply had been given.


said, that instructions had been given to the Law Officers to attend on the part of the Government at the inquest about to be held on the bodies of those who perished in the lamentable catastrophe referred to. It would depend very much on what was disclosed at the inquest whether or not the Government would think it right to institute an inquiry such as had been applied for by the Waterworks Company and Corporation of Dublin.


said, he wished to know, whether the Government had received a requisition from the Lord Mayor and Corporation and the Waterworks Committee of the Corporation requesting an investigation, not only of all the circumstances that occurred in connection with this calamity, but also with the origin, constitution, and efficiency of the Fire Brigade, and also whether it was not true that the Corporation had taken all the means in their power for the purpose of constituting an effectual brigade?


stated that the Government had received such an application, and it was couched in language which showed a desire to have all the facts investigated.