HC Deb 07 June 1866 vol 183 c2042

Order for Committee read.

Bills considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)



, in moving to leave out the words "for Counties, Cities, and Boroughs," and after "Wales" to insert the words "and to make further Provision for the Distribution of Seats in Parliament," and to leave out "Franchise," and insert "Representation of the People," said, that these were the first of a series of verbal Amendments standing in his name upon the Notice Paper, all of which were to be considered as strictly technical alterations, necessary for the purpose of carrying out the union of the two Bills. It might be necessary for the Government, hereafter, to give notice of Amendments relating to other matters, but it had been thought best to keep them completely separate.

Preamble amended accordingly.

Clause 1 (Short Title of Act) agreed to.

Clause 2 (Application of Act) agreed to.

Clause 3 (Interpretation of Terms).


suggested that as this was the Interpretation Clause, relating to and governing the whole Bill, it might be advisable before agreeing to it to see what changes were introduced into the Bill. He therefore moved that the clause be postponed.


said, as far as he was able to judge, the suggestion of the hon. Gentleman was a good one; and but that he wished to adhere rigidly to the terms of the Instructions under which the Bills had been referred to the Committee he might himself have recommended the adoption of the course which had now been proposed.

Clause postponed.