HC Deb 25 July 1866 vol 184 c1453

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Sir Graham Graham Montgomery, baronet, for Peebles-shire.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee—Landed Estates Court, &c. (Ireland) [Salaries].

Resolutions reported—Fortifications and Works.

Ordered—Fortifications and Works*; Oysters Cultivation (Ireland).*

First Reading—New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land Government* [242] [Lords]; Oysters Cultivation (Ireland)* [243]; Fortifications (Provision for Expenses)* [244].

Second ReadingParishes (Scotland) Act (1848) Amendment* [232].

CommitteePublic Libraries Act Amendment (re-comm) [241].

ReportPublic Libraries Act Amendment (re-comm.) [241].

Considered as amended—Fees (Public Departments)* [223].

Third Reading—Inland Revenue* [209]; Colonial Branch Mints* [215]; Tramways (Ireland) Acts Amendment* [149].

Withdrawn — Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) [190]; Sea Coast Fisheries (Ireland) [147]; Finsbury Estate [97]; Charitable Donations and Bequests (Ireland) [201]; Tenure and Improvement of Land (Ireland) [130].