HC Deb 24 July 1866 vol 184 cc1375-6

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Galway Town, v. Michael Morris, esquire, Solicitor General for Ireland.

NEW MEMBERS SWORN — William Nicholson, esquire, for Petersfield; Abel Smith, esquire, for Hertford County.

SELECT CoMMITTEE—Report—Mortality of Troops (China) [442].

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions [July 23] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee—Common Law Courts (Fees and Salaries); Fortifications and Works.

Ordered—Common Law Courts (Fees and Salaries).*

First Reading—Common Law Courts (Fees and Salaries* [240].

Second Reading — Compulsory Church Rate Abolition [143] [Mr. Gladstone], adjourned debate further adjourned; Traffic Regulation (Metropolis)* [227]; Local Government Supplemental (No, 4)* [234]; Aberdeen Provisional Order Confirmation* [237]; Inclosure (No. 2)* [238].

Committee — Public Health (re-comm) [202] [R.P.]; Attorneys and Solicitors (Ireland) [Lords]* [172]; Colonial Branch Mints* [220]; Fees (Public Departments)* [223].