HC Deb 17 July 1866 vol 184 cc998-9

(Mr. Holland, Mr. Newdegate.)


Order for Committee read.


proposed to defer the Committee till Tuesday.


said, that he would like some assurance from the hon. Member, as to whether or not he would adopt the Amendments proposed by the hon. Member for Edinburgh (Mr. M'Laren.) Very great injustice would be done to Scotland if these Amendments were not adopted. Were veterinary students to be expected to come up to London for some months in order to take out an English diploma? And was every one in Scotland without such an English diploma to be prohibited from practising in Scotland? Surely such an injustice could not be tolerated. If he did not receive the assurance that the Amendments of which the hon. Member for Edinburgh had given notice were to be adopted, he should, in the absence of the hon. and gallant Member for Fife (Sir Robert Anstruther), take up his Amendment—namely, that the House do, on this day three months, go into Committee on the said Bill.


said, that he must endorse all that had been said by the hon. Member. If his Amendments were not adopted, and in the absence of so many of the Scotch Members who did not expect the Bill to be proceeded with, he should give the Bill his most determined opposition.


said, that he must appeal to his hon. Friend the Member for Evesham not to proceed with the Bill except on the understanding that full justice be done to the veterinary profession in Scotland.


said, he could not give the assurance asked for by his hon. Friend the Member for Hastings (Mr. Waldegrave-Leslie), but he would put off the Committee on the Bill till Tuesday the 24th.

Committee deferred till Tuesday next.