HC Deb 16 July 1866 vol 184 c820

NEW WRITS ISSUED—For Bridgnorth, v. Henry Whitmore, esquire, Commissioner of the Treasury; for Peeblesshire, v. Sir Graham Graham-Montgomery, baronet, Commissioner of the Treasury; for Suffolk (Eastern Division), v. Sir FitzRoy Kelly, knight, Lord Chief Baron of Her Majesty's Court of Exchequer; for Suffolk (Eastern Division), v. Right hon. Baron Henniker, now Baron Hartismere; for Petersfield, v. Right hon. Sir William George Hylton Jolliffe, baronet, now Baron Hylton; for Hertford County, v. Right hon. Sir Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, baronet, now Baron Lytton.

NEW MEMBERS SWORNS—For Buckingham County, Right hon. Benjamin Disraeli; for Stamford, Right hon. Viscount Cranbourne; for Belfast, Sir Hugh M'Calmont Cairns, knight; for Droit- with, Right hon. Sir John Somerset Pakington, baronet; for Essex (Northern Division), Charles Du Cane, esquire; for Oxford University, Right hon. Gathorne Hardy; for Durham City, Right hon. John Robert Mowbray; for New Shoreham, Right hon. Stephen Cave; for Bridgwater, Philip Vanderbyl, esquire; for Huntingdon Borough, Right hon. Jonathan Peel; for Stamford, Sir John Charles Dalrymple Hay, baronet; for Guildford, William Bovill, esquire; for, Northampton County (Northern Division), Right hon. Lord Burghley; for King's Lynn, Right hon. Lord Stanley; for Cockermouth, Right hon. Lord Naas; for Rutland, Hon, Gerard James Noel; for Cambridge University, Right hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole.

SELECT COMMITTEE—On Standing Orders, Mr. Bonham-Carter added; on East India Communications, Mr. Hunt and Sir James Fergusson added.


PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Public Works, Harbours, &. [Advances].

First Reading—Militia Pay*; Public Schools* [212].

Second Reading—Landed Estates Court, &c. (Ireland) [174]; Straits Settlements* [176]; Hundred Bridges* [178]; British Columbia* [186]; Charitable Trusts Deeds Enrolment* [199]; Inland Revenue* [209].

Committee—Local Government Supplemental (No. 2) (re-comm.)* [198]; County Assessments* [179]; Rochdale Vicarage (re-comm.)* [196]; Oyster Fisheries [169]; Oyster Bed Licences (Ireland)* [175]; New Forest Poor Relief (re comm.)* [193].

Report—Commons Metropolis* [211]; Local Government Supplemental (No. 2) (re-comm.)* [198]; County Assessments* [179]; Rochdale Vicarage (re-comm.)* [196]; Oyster Fisheries [169]; Oyster Bed Licences (Ireland)*[175]; New Forest Poor Relief (re-comm.)* [193].

Considered as amended—Local Government Supplemental (No. 3)* [191].

Third Reading—Revising Barristers' Qualifications* [208].

Withdrawn—Railways Clauses (re-comm.)* [60]; Colonial Bishops [160]; Petit Juries (Ireland)* [41]; Common Law Procedure Amendment Acts (Ireland)* [18]; Sale of Land by Auction* [155]; Mines Assessment* [131]; Juries in Criminal Cases* [16]; Local Officers Superannuation (Ireland)* [92].