HC Deb 23 February 1866 vol 181 cc1055-6

Order for Committee read; Her Majesty's Message [20th February] relative to the Marriage of the Princess Helena referred; considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)


Sir, I rise for the purpose of moving that the sum of £30,000 be granted to Her Majesty for the marriage portion of the Princess Helena Augusta Victoria, and I must accompany this Resolution by a very few words for the purpose of obviating a misapprehension which might possibly, for want of care, have grown out of language used by me yesterday with regard to the subject of the annuity of the Princess Helena. I pointed out to the Committee, as was no more than just, that the Princess Helena had been called upon to perform a very peculiar part, which had been performed in the most admirable manner, during the dark and trying time of the life of the Queen. I had then in my mind the years that have elapsed since the lamented death of the Prince Consort, but I ought to have noticed at the time—it was an inaccuracy not to do so—that several months passed before the Princess Helena found herself in the position of the eldest unmarried daughter of Her Majesty, and that during these months that position was filled by the Princess Alice, now the Princess Louis of Hesse, who afforded to the Queen the same solace and support, with the utmost devotion of mind and heart, which subsequently, after the marriage of the Princess Alice, were afforded by the Princess Helena. It remains perfectly true that during the greater portion of the time the Princess Helena has filled that position, but I was anxious to remove any misapprehension which might be due to the language which I used.

Resolution agreed to:—£30,000, Marriage Portion of Princess Helena.

Resolution to be reported on Monday next.