HC Deb 23 February 1866 vol 181 cc958-9

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Marriage Portion of Princess Helena.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee reported—Princess Helena and Prince Alfred; Monument to Viscount Palmerston.

Cattle Diseases (Ireland); Hop Trade; Merchant Shipping Act (1854) Amendment.

Ordered—Princess Helena*; Prince Alfred*; Cattle Diseases (Ireland)*; Public Companies*; Hop Trade*; Rochdale Vicarage*; Merchant Shipping Act (1854) Amendment.*

First Reading—Public Companies * [35]; Hop Trade * [36]; Cattle Diseases (Ireland)* [37]; Rochdale Vicarage* [38]; Turnpike Roads * [39].

Second Reading—Public Offices (Site)* [10].

Referred to Select Committee—Public Offices(Site)*

Considered as amended—Cattle Plague [32].

Third Reading—Cattle Plague [34]; Telegraph Act Amendment*[23] [Lords] and passed.