HC Deb 10 August 1866 vol 184 c2163

Seeing the noble Lord the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in his place, I am desirous of asking him a question respecting a statement which appeared in the papers of this morning—namely, that the Emperor of the French, certainly, as appears to me to be somewhat too late, has made a demand upon the Prussian Government for the rectification of the frontier, to be carried into effect by the cession of territory from Prussia to France. Now, I wish to know, Whether the noble Lord has any knowledge on the subject; and also, whether he is aware of what reply has been given by the Prussian Government to this demand of the Emperor of the French?


In answer, Sir, to the hon. Member, I have to say that according to a telegram which has reached me I have no doubt that communications to the effect he has spoken of have passed and are passing between the Government of Paris and the Government of Berlin. As to the precise nature of these communications, I am not in a position to state what they are; still less am I able to say what the reply given by the Government of Prussia has been.