HC Deb 06 August 1866 vol 184 cc2124-5


Order for resuming adjourned debate, on Motion fur Address [31st July] read.


said, that in spite of the late period of the Session at which they had arrived, many hon. Gentlemen who felt extremely interested in this subject had hoped that the Government would have been able to secure an hour for its discussion. The present state of the House, however, rendered a further discussion of the question impossible, and after consulting various friends who would probably have wished to speak upon the subject, he had thought it advisable not to persevere with his Motion. He had, however, a few days previously urged upon the President of the Board of Trade the advisability of the Government appointing a Commission to visit the great centres of industry in the country, and to take the evidence of merchants, bankers, and manufacturers, who regarded themselves as having been subjected to great hardship and inconvenience. He was sorry to say, however, that though personally he met with every courtesy and kindness at the hands of the right hon. Baronet, the right hon. Baronet did not see his way to the adoption of his proposal.


tendered his thanks to the hon. Gentleman the Member for Stockport (Mr. Watkin) for having brought forward this subject. It was one that excited great attention, and he regretted it had not been fully discussed. He hoped, however, what discussion had taken place would encourage the Government to take the subject into their consideration during the recess.

Order discharged.

House adjourned at Eight o'clock.