HC Deb 03 August 1866 vol 184 c2031

begged the kind attention of the House for a few moments. It had been represented to him that a statement he made in the Committee on the Landed Estates Court (Ireland) had given pain to Mr. Urlin. He (Mr. Monsell) had made no statement with regard to that gentleman on his own authority; he had simply quoted from the memorandum of the Judges of the Court the following passage, which would be found in the Papers on the Record of Title Office moved for by the hon. Member for the city of Dublin. These were the words. The memorandum was dated June 11, 1866— The Judges object to Mr. Urlin's name appearing in the Bill, as they do not admit that he is the fittest of their officers to fill the post of Recorder of Title either to their satisfaction or that of the public, and they decline to be responsible for the working of the measure if they are refused the power of naming the one of their officers whom they think best fitted to fill the post. It appeared now that on the 2nd of May those same Judges directed that the Record of Title should be under the management of Mr. Urlin.