HC Deb 20 April 1866 vol 182 cc1772-3

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department a Question with reference to the pledge given by him before the Easter recess as to the introduction of a Bill on the subject of the nuisance resulting from the Smoke of Furnaces in Towns and Country districts?


Sir, I have addressed a circular letter to some of the largest towns in the Kingdom with reference to the subject which my right hon. Friend brought before the House. The result of the answers which I have received is that in every one of those towns in different parts of the country there is power on the part of the local authorities to prevent the nuisance arising from the smoke of furnaces, but there is a great diversity in the mode in which the law is enforced? [Sir ROBERT PEEL: What law?] The law requiring the consumption of smoke or preventing nuisances arising from smoke. There is a great laxity in the course possessed by some of the authorities in the institution of prosecutions against persons violating the law. I shall lay on the table a copy of that circular letter, and I may add that a Bill is in preparation by my right hon. Friend the Vice President of the Council, one of the objects of which will be to provide some sum- mary mode of proceeding by which in the matter of the nuisance of smoke and other nuisances local authorities may be compelled to do their duty.

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