HC Deb 19 April 1866 vol 182 cc1645-6

said, he rose to ask, Why the Civil Officers of the Royal Engineers' Department are denied the advantages of Lodging and Servants' Allowances granted to other Civil Officers of the War Department of similar relative rank; and whether it is intended to include these Allowances in the re-organization scheme?


I have to state, Sir, that the clerks of the works and engineers' clerks do receive at home a modified lodging allowance, and that when abroad they receive the allowance due to their relative rank. The pay and allowances which those officers now receive is found to be sufficient to attract to the service as large a number of persona as are required for the performance of the duties which they have to discharge, and the scheme of re-organization to which my hon. Friend refers does not propose to give any increase of pay to the great body of those officers. We, however, contemplate the employment of some of them as surveyors, at a higher rate of pay.