HC Deb 23 May 1865 vol 179 cc740-1

With reference to the Question put last night by the hon. Gentleman the Member for Worcestershire (Mr. Lygon), as to the truth of a statement said to be contained in various news papers, that a failure of justice had taken place in a recent case of alleged murder in Epping Forest in consequence of the Advisers of the Crown having neglected to appoint certain forest officers, who alone could have arrested the person charged, I have to state, that, having inquired into the facts, I find there is not the slightest foundation for that statement. The person referred to, a lad of the age of fifteen, was charged with the offence of shooting a boy. He was immediately arrested by the police, there being no difficulty in the way of the arrest. He was tried before Mr. Justice Willes, and was acquitted on the merits, the defence being that the gun had gone off by accident.