HC Deb 31 March 1865 vol 178 cc560-1

said, he rose to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, Is the "Circular Memorandum" of the 22nd of March, 1865, sanctioning certain rates of wages besides other benefits, privileges, and gratuities, "for the minor Establishments of the Post Office," confined to London only; and is it intended that the Letter Carriers, Sorters, and Stumpers of the General Post Offices in Dublin and Edinburgh respectively shall also have increased wages, with other advantages, like those of similar officers in London?


, in reply, said, the arrangement to which the hon. Gentleman referred was in operation since 1861 with regard to Sorters, Letter Carriers, and Stampers, who were in the service at the time; and what had been done recently was to make that arrangement permanent, and applicable to all Stampers and Letter Carriers, whether in the service then or now. This arrangement, however, applied only to London. With regard to Dublin and Edinburgh, the corresponding establishments there were revised so recently as last year. Those rates of payment were, however, not the same as the rates in London, but they were sufficient to secure the services of good men.