HC Deb 10 March 1865 vol 177 cc1474-5

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Committee—R.P.

Resolutions [March 9] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee—Isle of Man Disafforestation (Compensation.)*

Ordered—Marine Mutiny*; Isle of Man Disafforestation (Compensation)*; Theatres, &c.; Charitable Trusts Fees*; Railway Travelling (Ireland)*.

First Reading—Locomotives on Roads*[63]; Marine Mutiny*; Theatres, amp;c. [64]; Charitable Trusts Fees*[65]; Railway Travelling (Ireland)*[66]; Isle of Man Disafforestation (Compensation)*[67].

Second Reading—Game (Ireland) [42],

Third Reading—Private Bill Costs* [7], and passed.