HC Deb 07 March 1865 vol 177 c1223

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Daniel O'Donoghue, esquire, commonly called The O'Donoghue, for Tralee.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedMunicipal Corporations (Ireland) Act Amendment; Union Officers (Ireland) Superannuation *; Local Government Supplemental*; Public Offices (Site and Approaches); India Office (Site and Approaches) *; Sheep and Cattle.*

First Reading—Union Officers (Ireland) Superannuation* [53]; Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Act Amendment [54]; Public Offices (Site and Approaches) [55]; India Office (Site and Approaches)* [56]; Sheep and Cattle* [57]; Local Government Supplemental* [58].

Third Heading—Industrial Exhibitions* [36]; British Kaffraria * [45], and passed.