HC Deb 02 March 1865 vol 177 cc957-8

said, he wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury, with reference to the Memorandum prefixed to the Tables framed under the Act 27 & 28 Vict. c. 43, for effecting insurances on lives, Whether the statement that a person insuring his life for £20 will be at liberty to increase the amount insured from time to time up to £100, means that such increase shall be made at the option of the assured, without his producing on each occasion of increase satisfactory proof that his life and occupation are as healthy as they were at the time of the first insurance?


, in reply, said, the intention was that a person who had insured his life for a particular sum, and afterwards desired to increase the amount, should not be allowed to so without adducing proof in every such case regarding his occupation and state of health. The papers distributed that morning contained rules showing that the same precautions would be taken in cases of subsequent as of original insurance.