HC Deb 01 March 1865 vol 177 c939

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Church Attendance on Sunday.

Ordered—Church Attendance on Sunday; Metropolitan Toll Bridges; Writs Registration, &c. (Scotland).

First Reading—Church Attendance on Sunday [46]; Metropolitan Toll Bridges [47]; Writs Registration, &c. (Scotland) [48].

Second Reading—Law of Evidence, &c. [20],

Select Committee—Qualification for Offices Abolition Bill, nominated. (List of Committee, p. 212).

Committee—British Kaffraria* [27]; Common Law Courts (Fees)* [39].

Report—British Kaffraria* [45]; Common Law Courts (Fees)* [89].

Third Reading—Felony and Misdemeanor Evidence and Practice* [21], and passed.