HC Deb 27 June 1865 vol 180 c914

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, When it was probable, taking the state of Public Business into account, that the Session might be brought to an end?


I believe, as far as the Public Business before the two Houses of Parliament is concerned, there is nothing which would keep Parliament sitting longer than Thursday week; and that event which we are all looking forward to may take place on that day—Thursday, the 6th of July—at the latest. I know that there are railway Bills now before the House of Lords which some are of opinion would be concluded some few days later than the 6th, and that a wish has been expressed that Parliament should be kept sitting for the purpose of settling the squabbles of those railway companies. But we all know the great public inconvenience which would result from any unnecessary delay with respect to the elections. The whole of the United Kingdom, in fact, is interested in the matter. Great trouble has been taken, great expense incurred, and great inconvenience is felt; and therefore I think the House will be of opinion that Government is right in preferring the public advantage to the interest of these particular railway companies. Indeed, it is entirely in the power of those who have an interest in these disputes to reinstate the Bills next Parliament in the position in which they will be left by the dissolution, which will take place next Thursday week.

House adjourned at a quarter after Eight o'clock.