HC Deb 22 June 1865 vol 180 c633

said, he wished to ask the President of the Board of Trade, Whether the Metropolitan Board of Works had complied with the requisition of the Board of Trade, as suggested in the report of Messrs. Coode and Rawlinson, that they should draw larger quantities of material for the Thames Embankment from the bed of the river; and, if not, what course he proposed to take in the matter?


replied, that the Board of Trade had been in communication with the Metropolitan Board of Works on the subject, and the Board of Works passed a Resolution on Monday last, which he would read— That so long as the material raised from the river opposite the embankment works continues to be, in the opinion of the engineer, suitable for the purposes of the embankment, the engineer be instructed to allow no other material to come on to the embankment works, except for the backing of the embankment wall, the cross dams, the material required for puddling, and other necessary purposes. He had to-day received a private communication that the Metropolitan Board of Works were now acting on the spirit of that Resolution, and that the referees, to whom the question of the suitableness of the material was referred, had reported that the material dredged out of the river was, in the main, fit to be used in filling in the embankment.