HC Deb 15 June 1865 vol 180 c258

NEW WRITS ISSUED—For Liskearà v. Ralph Osborne, esquire, Manor of Hemp-holme; for Coventry v. Sir Joseph Paxton, deceased.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Report —On Master and Servant (No. 370).

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutionsin Committee —Colonial Docks Loans; Navy and Army Expenditure, 1863 and 1864.

OrderedPeace Preservation (Ireland) Act Continuance.*

Second Reading—Controller of the Exchequer and Public Audit [208]; Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation (No. 3)* [210]; Parsonages* [205] [Lords].

Committee—Malt Duty [160]; Sugar Duties and Drawbacks [198]; Inland Revenue (recomm.) [207] Law of Evidence [20] [No Report]; Record of Title (Ireland) [151] [Lords] Poor Law Board Continuance, &c.* [197]; Crown Suits, &c. (recomm.)* [206]—R.P. Kingstown Harbour * [185]; Ecclesiastical Commission (Superannuation Allowances)* [201].

Report —Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation (No. 2)* [168]; Malt Duty [160]; Sugar Duties and Drawbacks [198]; Inland Revenue (re-comm.) [207]; Record of Title Ireland [151] [Lords]; Poor Law Board Continuance, &c. * [197]; Kingstown Harbour* [185]; Ecclesiastical Commission (Superannuation Allowances)* [201].

Considered as amended—Navy and Marines (Property of Deceased)* [189]; Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions* [190]; Penalties Law Amendment* [213].

Third ReadingConstabulary Force (Ireland) Act Amendment* [178]; Roman Catholic Oath [86]; Navy and Marines (Wills)* [188].

Withdrawn—Court of Chancery (Ireland)* [11] [Mr. Attorney General]; Justices of the Peace (Discretionary Powers)* [69].