HC Deb 03 July 1865 vol 180 cc1041-2

said, he rose to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether his attention has been given to the proceedings which are stated to have taken place at a public dinner in Dublin in honour of Mr. Gavan Duffy, at which the health of Her Majesty was reluctantly and not very respectfully proposed, and received with general hissing and disapprobation, and likewise to the presence there of two Members of that House, the Members for Youghal and Dungarvan, the former one of Her Majesty's Counsel, and the latter holding the Commission of the Peace, neither of whom is represented to have expressed disapproval of the disloyal conduct of the assembly, and what steps the Irish Government intend to take in the matter?


Sir, since the hon. Member gave notice of his Question I have taken care to look to the proceedings referred to. The dinner was of a private character. ["No, no!"] At all events, it was a dinner to a gentleman who had been absent from Ireland for, I believe, many years. He was entertained at the private expense of the parties. Reporters were there, but I am not responsible for the observations of the hon. Members for Youghal and Dungarvan. I should suggest that the hon. Gentleman would address the inquiries he has made of me to those hon. Members. These two hon. Gentlemen, out of regard to Mr. Duffy, attended at the dinner and made speeches, but I see nothing in their speeches to find fault with. As regards the toast of "Her Majesty," I believe it was given; but really I am not in any way responsible for the course of the proceedings at an entertainment of this kind.