HC Deb 13 February 1865 vol 177 c208

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether it is intended to remove the obstructions erected along the centre of the carriage road over Westminster Bridge; and why heavy vehicles are now not allowed to pass along the tramways, for the convenience of which, it was said, they were constructed; and why light vehicles are now compelled to pass along these tramways, contrary to the original arrangement?


said, that the present arrangement was part of the original design, but it was one of which he never approved. In July last, he had requested Mr. Page to prepare a plan for the removal of the tramways from the centre to the side of the bridge. He thought it desirable that there should be tramways to facilitate the passage over the bridge of heavy vehicles, but that they should be constructed without flanges. Tramways in accordance with that plan would be laid down in about a month; the centre of the roadway, being macadamized and made smooth, would be reserved for light traffic.