HC Deb 13 February 1865 vol 177 c203

NEW WRIT ISSUED—for Tip-perary County v. The O'Donoghue, Chiltem Hundreds.

SELECT COMMITTEE—On Public Petitions.

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolution [February 10] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions [Feb. 10] reported—Bank Notes Issue;* Bank of Ireland (Consolidated Fund).*

Ordered—Bank Notes Issue;* Bank of Ireland (Consolidated Fund);* Prisons; Game Licences (Ireland);*Small Benefices (Ireland) Act (1860) Amendment;* Dublin International Exhibition (1865);* Land Debentures.*

First Reading—Bank Notes Issue [12];* Bank of Ireland [141;* Small Benefices (Ireland) Act (1860) Amendment [13];* Prisons [15]; Game Licences (Ireland) [16];* Dublin International Exhibition (1865) [17].*

Second Reading—Qualification for Offices Abolition [2].

Referred to Select Committee—Qualification for Offices Abolition.*