HC Deb 27 May 1864 vol 175 cc718-9

SELECT COMMUTES— On Patent Office Library and Museum, Mr. Holford discharged, and Mr. Humphery added.

SUPPLY—considered in Committe Committee— R.P.

Resolutions [May 26] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS — Ordered — Juries in Criminal Cases *; Petty Offences Law Amendment *; Court of Queen's Bench (Ireland)*; Married Women's Acknowledgments *.

First Reading — Juries in Criminal Cases* [Bill 120]; Petty Offences Law Amendment* [Bill 121]; Married Women's Acknowledgments * [Bill 122]; Court of Queen's Bench (Ireland)* [Bill 123].

Second Reading—Public and Refreshment Houses (Metropolis) [Bill 92].

Select Committee — Cattle Diseases Prevention and Cattle, &c., Importation * [Bills 27 & 28], Mr. Bruce discharged, and Mr. Baring added.

CommitteeUnion Assessment Committee Act Amendment* (re-committed) [Bill 83].

ReportUnion Assessment Committee Act Amendment *.

Considered at amended — Vacating of Seats (House of Commons)* [Bill 107]; Union Assessment Committee Act Amendment* [Bill 83].

Third ReadingUnion Assessment Committee Act Amendment * [Bill 83]; Army Prize (Shares of Deceased)* [Bill 105]; Chain Cables and Anchors* [Bill 102], and passed.