HC Deb 26 May 1864 vol 175 cc632-3

NEW MEMBER SWORN — John Joseph Powell, esquire, for Gloucester City.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Case of Mr. Bewicke, Colonel Dunne discharged, Lord John Manners added.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—NAVY ESTIMATES.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee—Life Annuities and Life Assurances (Deficiency of Assets, &c.); Weighing of Grain (Port of London)*.

Ordered—Bank Acts*.

First Reading — Weighing of Grain (Port of London)* [Bill 119]; Banking Co-partnerships* [Bill 118].

Second ReadingHighways Act Amendment [Bill 113], and committed to a Select Committee.

Referred to Select CommitteeHighways Act Amendment.

Committee—Vacating of Seats (House of Commons)* [Bill 107]; Army Prize (Shares of Deceased)*[Bill 105]; Beer Houses (Ireland) [Bill 109]— R.P.; Chief Rents (Ireland) [Lords]* [Bill 52] re-committed.

Report—Vacating of Seats (House of Commons)* [Bill 107]; Army Prize (Shares of Deceased)* [Bill 105].

Considered as amendedUnion Assessment Committee Act Amendment* [Bill 83]; Chain Cables and Anchors* [Bill 103].

Third Reading — Limited Penalties [Bill 94], and passed.