HC Deb 23 May 1864 vol 175 c587

SELECT COMMITTEE— On Patent Office Library and Museum nominated*; and, on May 27, Mr. Halford discharged, and Mr. Humphrey added.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in Committee—Chief Rents (Ireland) [Stamps] re-committed*; Bank of England Notes (Scotland); Bank Acts.

Ordered—Game (Ireland)*.

First Reading—Bank of England Notes (Scotland)* [Bill 115]; Game (Ireland) [Bill 116].

Second Reading—Vncating of Seats (House of Commons) [Bill 107]; Army Prize (Shares of Deceased)* [Bill 105]; Beer Houses (Ireland) [Bill 109].

Referred to Select Committee—Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation* [Bill 91], as to Carling-ford, Lough, Oban, and Rhyl.

Committee — Limited Penalties* [Bill 94]; Chlin Cables and Anchors* [Bill 103] re-committed; Chief Rents (Ireland) [Lords]* [Bill 117].

Report— Government Annuities, &c.,*[Bill 114]; and re-committed; Limited Penalties* [Bill 94]; Chain Cables and Anchors* [Bill 103]; Chief Rents (Ireland)* [Bill 117].