HC Deb 19 May 1864 vol 175 cc520-1

moved for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Act for the better management of highways in England. The present Bill was intended to amend in some respects the Bill passed a short time since, which, on the whole, had operated most satisfactorily. A Return lately presented to the House showed that the Act had been brought into operation in thirty-three or thirty-four counties, and in the great majority of cases throughout the entire extent of those counties, though in some it had only been adopted in part. But, although the Bill generally worked well, numerous suggestions of a practical character had been received from persons concerned in working the Act, and the present Bill was intended to give effect to the more important of those suggestions, avoiding any which were likely to excite prolonged discussion. There were certain cases in which the Act at present was not applicable to the formation of highway districts, and others in which the mode of defraying the expenses of highway boards required amendment. In many instances, also, the highway and Poor Law districts were not conterminous, and matters relating to the audit were capable of improvement. The Bill would also confer powers for appointing additional surveyors. It was now in print, and would be delivered immediately to hon. Members. He proposed to fix an early day for the second reading, after which, in accordance with the wishes of hon. Gentlemen, he should move that it be referred to a Select Committee.

Motion agreed to.

Bill to amend the Act for the better management of Highways in England, ordered to be brought in by Sir GEORGE GREY and Mr. BARING.

Bill presented, and read 1°. [Bill 113]

House adjourned at Six o'clock.