HC Deb 09 May 1864 vol 175 cc197-8

I understand that the conditions of the armistice have been communicated to another assembly. It seems to me that matters are not well managed or with due consideration to the House of Commons, if any other place is better informed than we are upon a matter of so much interest and importance as an armistice, and that we should be informed by the Government that they had no communication to make to us. I trust that in future we shall be as soon informed as another place upon matters of this importance. Perhaps by this time Her Majesty's Government may have it in their power to communicate to us what the conditions of the armistice are?


I stated all the information I had myself—which was that a suspension of hostilities, which is practically the same thing as an armistice, had been agreed upon for a month. That was all the information I had received at the time. My noble Friend the Secretary for Foreign Affairs was at the Conference, and sent that information to me. It was impossible for him at the moment to communicate to me the terms of the armistice. I only regret that I did not know them at the time; but, as I stated, there could be no difficulty in communicating them at a future time. I can assure the right hon. Gentleman that I withheld no information from the House.


Is the right hon. Gentleman aware of them now?


No, I am not.