HC Deb 05 May 1864 vol 175 c18

said, he rose to ask Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whither he considers the Tenure and Improvement of Land Act of 1860 a sufficient protection for the Irish tenant, and a sufficient inducement to the expenditure of the tenant's capital, labour, and skill in effecting improvements; and if he considers the existing Law to be deficient, either as a stimulus to increased exertion or as a protection for the enjoyment of its results, is he prepared to advise Her Majesty's Government to introduce a measure either now or at a future time with a view to its amendment?


said, in reply to the somewhat novel Question of the hon. Member, that he hoped the measure referred to would have a more practical operation than it had yet had; but if he were to give an opinion upon the subject, he must also give the reasons of that opinion, and that would lead him into making a speech, which would not be in accordance with the roles of the House. In reply to the second Question, he must decline to state what advice he had given nr would in future give in his official capacity to Her Majesty's Government, but that advice would be based upon a sincere desire to promote the welfare of Ireland.