HC Deb 03 May 1864 vol 174 c2116

moved for leave to introduce a Bill for further regulating the closing of public-houses and refreshment houses within the Metropolitan Police district. He had stated some time since that it was his intention to bring in a Bill founded upon the representation of the inhabitants of certain parts of the metropolis., that great evils arose from the disorders occasioned by certain licensed victuallers and refreshment houses being kept open all night; and suggesting that if they were compelled to close between the hours of one and four o'clock in the morning, it would tend very much to public order and morality. It was only licensed victuallers' houses and certain refreshment houses licensed to sell wine which might be kept open all night, except Saturday and Sunday nights, beer houses being compelled to close at twelve o'clock; and the effect of this Bill would be to shut these houses on all other nights for three hours during the night. It was but right that he should state that he believed that the great majority of the licensed victuallers closed their houses during these hours, and he had been informed that they were generally perfectly satisfied with the regulations proposed to be enforced by the Bill. If the House consented to the introduction, he would fix the second reading for a time sufficiently distant for the provisions of the Bill to be well known.


thought there could not be the slightest objection to the Bill, and he believed the licensed victuallers as a body were favourable to it. The provisions could only apply to a very small minority of the licensed victuallers of the metropolis, as by far the greatest number of them closed before that time. The Bill would no doubt be productive of great good.

Motion agreed to.

Bill for further regulating the Closing of Public Houses and Refreshment Houses within the Metropolitan Police District; ordered to be brought in by Sir GEORGE GREY and Mr. BARING.