HC Deb 17 March 1864 vol 174 cc185-6

said, he rose to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, To communicate to the House the Reply he has received from the Mayor of Bradford, relating to the state of the Doe Park Reservoir; whether other store reservoirs belonging to the Bradford Waterworks have not been, and are not still, in a leaky and dangerous state when filled with water; and whether the Sheffield Reservoir, which has just burst, and the Bradford Store Reservoirs have not been constructed by the same engineer?


Sir, the Mayor of Bradford acknowledged yesterday the receipt of my letter of the 15th, and in formed me that he would immediately confer with the engineer of the corporation with reference to it; and, having since come to town, he has to-day informed me, that the fears expressed by the hon. Member are much exaggerated, that some repairs are going on at the reservoir, and that, with the concurrence of the engineer, instructions have been given to draw off the water, so as to prevent the possibility of accident while the repairs are going on. He further informs me that the engineer of the Bradford corporation is Mr. Leather, of Leeds, and that he had nothing whatever to do with the construction of the Sheffield Reservoir. I have no information as to any other reservoirs belonging to the Bradford Waterworks.


said, that to-morrow evening he should consider it is duty to make a statement, with respect to the alarming condition of the Bradford reservoirs.