HC Deb 23 June 1864 vol 176 c154

said, he would bog to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, From what source the expense of the reference to the Admiralty Court in the case of Banda and Kirwee Booty is to be defrayed?


Sir, according to the general practice of the Court of Admiralty, the expense of any proceeding in regard to Prize Money is paid out of the general proceeds of the Prize Money, and is not charged to the individual officers except in cases in which, in the opinion of the Judge, the allegations of the parties have been improper, unfounded, or deserving to be visited by costs. A reference has been made by the Government, but there are several other claims besides those of the Banda claimants to which the attention of the Court of Admiralty is to be directed, and I cannot say whether the Court will be of opinion that they have been improperly brought forward or not.


Will the noble Lord lay on the table the terms of the reference to the Court of Admiralty?


Yes, if the hon. Gentleman will move for it.