HC Deb 15 June 1864 vol 175 c1800

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Poor Law Guardians' Election*.

First Reading—Naval and Victualling Stores (Lords)* [Bill 151]; Portsmouth Dockyard (Acquisition of Lands) *[Bill 152]; Poor Law Guardians Election* [Bill 153].

Second Reading—Costs Security [Bill 58]; Forfeiture of Lands and Goods [Bill 21]; County Voters Registration [Bill 112].

Committee— Servants Hiring (Scotland) [Bill 108]; Election Petitions * [Bill 17], Debate further adjourned; County Constabulary Superannuation * [Bill 136].

Reports—Servants Hiring (Scotland)* [Bill 108]; Count Constabulary Superannuation * [Bill 136]; Railway Passengers Assurance Company (Lords)*.