HC Deb 10 June 1864 vol 175 cc1542-3

Sir, take this opportunity of making an inquiry of the noble Lord at the head of the Government, with reference to the statement which he made last night respecting the continuance of the suspension of arms. understood that there was to be a further continuance of the suspension of hostilities for one fortnight, dating from to-morrow. wish to know to what day now the Conference is adjourned; and also whether the suspension of hostilities for the space of one fortnight was connected with any conditions which might account for that particular duration of the armistice?


Sir, cannot at the present moment say why the suspension of hostilities was limited to that particular period. That particular dura- tion was not dependent an any conditions, but was the limit of suspension to which the Danish Government agreed. The other parties wished for a longer suspension, but only a fortnight's suspension was agreed to.


said, as secresy was so little observed by other parties to the Conference that the intelligence communicated to that House yesterday was known at Berlin was telegraphed back to this country before it was communicated to the House, he felt relieved from any obligations with respect to reticence. He wished therefore to ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether it is understood that no further extension of the armistice will be pressed upon Denmark by the British Government, in case the Conference should not come to a final agreement within the limits of the additional fortnight to which the duration of Conference is now extended?


I may be able to answer any question of fact, as, for instance, with respect to the extent of the armistice; but really am not able to give an answer as to what the Conference may do in cases which are yet to come.