HC Deb 29 July 1864 vol 176 c2193

said, in consequence of his unavoidable absence, he was unable to submit to the House the Motion which stood in his name in reference to the Correspondence on the subject of the Reformatory of Mount St. Bernard. He begged now to ask the right hon. Gentleman the Secretary of State for the Home Department as he can not allude to that correspondence, whether the certificate of the Inspector as regarded the Reformatory has not been practically withdrawn?


replied that the papers for which the hon. Gentleman gave notice of his intention to move did not relate, as he (Sir George Grey) understood, to recent circumstances, but only to the alleged mismanagement and disorder which prevailed at the Reformatory in 1863. A great deal of correspondence had taken place on the subject, but as the management of the institution had since passed into other hands, it was not considered expedient to produce it. He had certainly determined upon withdrawing the certificate; but subsequently he allowed it to remain in consequence of a representation having been made by the Inspector (Mr. Sidney Turner), that much inconvenience would arise if it were withdrawn. The certificate was then allowed to stand subject to the condition that the management of the Reformatory would be taken out of the hands of the monks and placed in other hands, which, was agreed to.