HC Deb 19 July 1864 vol 176 c1702

Resolutions [July 18] reported.


said, he wished to know, whether the Vote for £2,000 for the Ashantee war was merely an estimate, or represented money already expended? He also wished to know in what position the Government stood with regard to the general expenses of the Ashantee war, and more particularly the power lodged in the hands of Governor Pine, of meeting his necessities by a recourse to the Treasury chest. He thought that some more stringent Resolutions ought to be passed to prevent Colonial Governors from resorting to the Treasury chest without the previous sanction of the Government at home.


said, that in the absence of the Secretary of State for the Colonies, and also of the Under Secretary, it was difficult to give the hon. Baronet the information for which he asked. His (Mr. Peel's) recollection of the particular item was, that it was an expenditure which had already been incurred. Money was advanced out of the Treasury chest during the last year which had been repaid from the Vote. That had necessarily caused an excess on the Vote, which had now to be made good. The Governors of colonies were not permitted, except in extreme cases, to pay advances out of the Treasury chest. In emergencies, however, they had authority under the standing regulations to obtain that money.


said, he believed the result of such a regulation would be that Colonial Governors could avail themselves of the aid which they could obtain from the Treasury chest whenever they pleased without this country knowing anything of it for two years.

Resolutions agreed to.

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