HC Deb 26 February 1864 vol 173 cc1190-1

Yesterday I asked the noble Lord whether the German Diet had been invited to attend the Conference, and I understood him to say his impression was that the German Diet had not been invited to attend the Conference. Can he tell us now, Whether, in the first place, the German Diet has been invited to send a representative to the Conference; and, if so, what answer has been received?


No answer has as yet been received. The House will easily understand that the Diet may be under some difficulties on the subject. The Diet is divided into two very conflicting and antagonistic portions, one portion adhering to the Treaty of 1852, and the principle of maintaining the integrity of the Danish Monarchy; the other, having proclaimed from the outset that the object to be aimed at is the dismemberment of the Danish Monarchy. We may hope that that obstacle may be got over; but, at the same time, it is possible there may be some difficulty in framing the particular instructions which the representatives of the Diet should receive.