HC Deb 15 April 1864 vol 174 c1074

NEW MEMBER SWORN —Edward Mathew Fenwick, esquire, for Lancaster Borough.

SELECT COMMITTEE — On Trade with Foreign, Nations.

Report—On Barnstaple Election.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee*—Committee —R.P.

WAYS AND MEANS—Resolutions [April 14] reported.

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in Committee.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—Bridges (Ireland)*.

First Reading—Bridges (Ireland)* [Bill 70].

Second Reading— Copyright (No. 2)* [Bill 59]; Consolidated Fund (£15,000,000)*.

Referred to Select Committee — Copyright (No. 2) *.

Considered as amended—Registration of County Voters (Ireland)* [Bill 49]; Common Law Procedure (Ireland) Act (1853) Amendment*, and re-committed.