HC Deb 08 April 1864 vol 174 cc630-1

said, he rose to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he has received Mr. Rawlinson's Report on the state of the Bradford Reservoirs; if so, whether he has reported them to be safe; if not, which are reported unsafe; and, in the event of any of them being unsafe, whether the Government will take immediate steps to protect those persons whose lives are endangered; and whether he will lay the Report upon the table of the House.


said, in reply, that Mr. Rawlinson had not yet made his detailed Report of the result of his inspection of the Bradford Reservoirs, which are eleven in number, but he intended to do so as soon as he could. He was at present engaged in his other duties. He had, however, informed him (Sir George Grey) that in two out of the eleven Reservoirs—Doe Park and Bradfield—the embankments were imperfect, but, the water having been drawn off while they were repairing, there was no present danger, and the corporation undertook that they should not be filled again till they were made properly safe. All the rest Mr. Rawlinson deemed to be sound.


said, he should be glad to know whether when Mr. Rawlinson's Report is sent in it will be laid on the table?


said, he should think there could be no objection to presenting it.