HC Deb 13 May 1863 vol 170 cc1687-8

MR. ALCOCK moved that this Bill be read a second time on Wednesday the 10th of June next.


said, that was a very unusual course to take. The House, on a former occasion, had refused to read the Bill a second time, and now the hon. Gentleman, taking advantage of a point of form, and without any explanation, moved that the Bill should be read a second time on the 10th of June. He should oppose the Motion.


said, he should appeal to the Speaker. The principle of the Bill had been already disposed of; but because the form was not used that the Bill be read a second time this day six months the hon. Gentleman made his present Motion. They were all agreed that nothing could be done on the subject this Session, and therefore he did not see what the hon. Gentleman could have in view in the course which he was now taking.


said, the division took place the other day very prematurely, and he knew that many Members voted without being aware how they were voting.


This is a question of form. The decision of the House upon a former occasion was upon the Question that" the Bill be now read a second time; and the decision was, that the Bill should not be then read a second time: but that decision, though adverse, did not preclude the assumption that the House might be more favourably disposed to it on another day. But if the House had decided that the Bill should be read a second time that day six months, that decision would have been final.


said, he did not see that there could be any objection to the Motion.

Motion made, and Question put, "That the Church Rates Redemption Bill be read a second time upon Wednesday the 10th day of June next."

The House divided:—Ayes 25; Noes 39: Majority 14.